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The Demise of Glass Steagall

“Oh, yes, we have class warfare in America. My class is winning.”
                                                                           Warren Buffet

In our current financial crisis, the activity of significant lending by banks to those who wanted to own a home was followed by those banks selling off the mortgage loans to investors. This had two consequences: the banks no longer were responsible for their loans (the loans were not on their balance sheets); thus, the banks became incredibly irresponsible about whom they would loan money; and two, once the mortgages were sold, the investors bundled those loans, and, thus, no one was able to keep track of who’s got what and to whom. This bundling is called securitization.

Of course we can change this. We can regulate the banks. We used to do that . It was called the the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act and it prevented banks from being so irresponsible that they could sell mortgages. Over time the Glass-Steagall Act’s powers were …