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What New Technology Has Wrought

We blame our financial crisis on the non-regulation of large banks with reason but our joblessness is not just the result of the financial crisis. It is also the result of the changing technologies.  And this has gone on for quite awhile. First it was the technology advances in agricultural that threw thousands off the farms. So millions migrated to manufacturing jobs in the cities.  Before robots, automobile plants gave a large proportion of the working class a middle class income. Then manufacturing jobs disappeared in large numbers, partly due to international corporations taking jobs abroad and partly due to technology.

Service jobs don’t pay as well as manufacturing jobs. But even in serven jobs, automation has come. Years ago a good living could be made as a secretary, the vast majority of those jobs are gone. We are our own secretaries. Today a parking lot has no attendants, just a machine to print your ticket and take your money. Now it is the service jobs being a…